Enjoy a Driving Tour of Cades Cove with the Family

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Enjoy a Driving Tour of Cades Cove with the Family Heading out into the wilderness seems simple, but it can be complicated – especially when the whole family, with everyone’s disparate ages and tastes, is heading out together. The teenagers in the group want to tackle a challenging trail, while the older and younger crowds… Read more »

Make the Peaceful Side of the Smokies Your Home Base for Smoky Mountain Adventures

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Ahh, the great Smoky Mountains! Unbeatable nature, crisp, clean air, lush forests, picture-perfect views, sitting in traffic, crowded streets, packed hotels, long lines… Wait a minute! Something’s not right here! The Smokies are Getting Busy Now that word has gotten out about the amazing recreation opportunities in the Smokies region, those who like a little… Read more »

Learn About Appalachian Music and Instruments from the Experts: Wood-N-Strings Dulcimer Shop

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In the Smokies region, history is all around you. Some might think that this history mostly just involves all the historic buildings in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and nearby, but there’s also an important musical legacy available to all who are curious, and there are two experts in Townsend with tons of knowledge on… Read more »